Casey Ross Stueber Ceramic Sculpture
The figurative and anthropomorphic sculptures focus on the universal struggle of inner conflict and resolution. Social Comparison Theory fuels my research and compels the concept inherent within the work. Interacting powerfully with audience and space, the creatures’ emotional reactions are abashedly hidden, awaiting exposure, desiring understanding and empathy. Captured moments, expressed through subtle and exaggerated postures paired with coy, yet engaging facial expressions, envelop the viewer. Through this connection, the viewer is welcomed, rejected, ignored or trusted.
A commitment to integrating the direct, expressive qualities of ceramics with a no-holds-barred investigation of the traditional and constant testing and exploration of non-traditional materials, challenges my ability to contort a sculpture while maintaining its structural integrity. Modeling the key features of the face, hands and often torsos in clay; my passion for and skillset in ceramics exploits the instantly responsive qualities of clay and fired strength. An inner flexible skeletal structure constructed of welded metal, cast iron, paper, tape and plaster bandages allows my work to move and defy gravity beyond the boundaries of traditional fired ceramic forms, which brings my creatures to life. Intriguing surfaces composed of raw clay, mud, adhesives and fibers solidify the flexible foundation and build layers of mystery while symbolically connecting them to the earth and the human psyche.